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DATES: Nov 25, 2023 and Nov 26, 2023. LOCATION: Click here for location details

BLOCK A: 4:00pm Saturday Nov 25, 2023


Directed by Keir Beck
Written by Keir Beck
Cast: Annabelle Stephenson (Escape Room), Nathan Jones (Mad Max: Fury Road, Mortal Kombat), Brad Kannegiesser (The Kettering Incident, Deadloch), Chris Hillier, Mark Eady, Val Lehman (Prisoner, Irreverent)

A gripping psychological horror thriller that takes viewers on a nightmarish journey of betrayal, survival, unexpected twists, chilling revelations and ultimately revenge.

The Island

Directed by Camille Corbett
Written by Camille Corbett
Cast: Camille Corbett (Dad Stop Embarrassing Me, Crystal & Chelsea, Hey AJ!, In The Static), Numa Perrier (Jezebel, SMILF, Fuzzyhead, The Perfect Find, The Wonder Years), Sasha Compere (Single Drunk Female, Uncorked, Love Life, Miracle Workers), Bo Peoples (Hidden Springs, Total Badass Wrestling), Doron JePaul Mitchell (Triple Threat, The Piano Lesson, Concrete Rose), Idris Keith (Power Rangers Kid Force), Angelie Simone (Jacob's Wife, Line Sisters, Two Sides), Denise Milfort (Beverly Hills Gigolo, Bloody Bridget, Bloody Bridget 2, Dolemite Is My Name)

Zora, a young black woman, discovers that her father has been murdered during her family’s luxury vacation in Caribbean.

The Last Fare

Directed by David Breckman
Written by David Breckman
Cast: Gabriela Kostadinova, Jacob Sterle

A distraught female Uber-driver picks up a man whose friendly manner hides a sinister agenda, and a tense cat-and-mouse game ensues.

No Slasher Here

Directed by Robert Tiemstra
Written by Robert Tiemstra
Cast: Llenelle Gibson, Noelle Hensler, Ethan Haslam

A woman comes home from work, only to receive an unsettling phone call. Does the danger only exist over the phone, or is there a masked killer inside her home?


Neo Noir/Crime
Directed by Luke Rex
Written by Luke Rex
Cast: Jannica Olin, Luke Rex, Darren Lipari, Ryan Stroud

A solitary figure at an empty bar, CIA clinical and forensic psychologist, Dr. John Flemington, is planning to visit his girlfriend in Mexico when he is pressured by mysterious underground operatives to join them on a secret mission. He really doesn't have a choice.

BLOCK B: 5:30pm Saturday Nov 25, 2023

The Dolly Madison Murders

True Crime/Documentary
Directed by Aaron Mull
Cast: Dean Akings, Brian J. Bellinder, Connie Carr, Nicholas Elliott, Dale E. Hogg, Marty Keenan, Reggie Kern, Marcus Mull, Kathye Phelps, Heather Davis Smith, Karen Sunderland, Aimee Wangberg, Desiree Werth

In September 2002, two women were found dead inside the Dolly Madison bakery in Great Bend, Kansas. 20 years later, a filmmaker attempting to shed light on the case finds there might be hidden reasons as to why it has remained unsolved all these years.

BLOCK C: 6:35pm Saturday Nov 25, 2023

The Program

True Crime/Documentary
Directed by Greg Nosaty
Written by Sylvie Peltier

Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs and their members have been at the center of many of Canada’s most violent and brazen criminal acts. "The Program" sheds light on their exclusive recruitment program, the myth of Brotherhood and what really happens in their dark world of violence and crime.

BLOCK D: 3:40pm Sunday Nov 26, 2023


Directed by Adam Wiviott
Written by Adam Wiviott
Cast: Brandon Santana, Brooke Mackenzie

A young couple gets stalked by a supernatural entity.

Someone Who is Punctual

Neo Noir
Directed by Haibo Wang
Written by Haibo Wang
Cast: Xian Du, Jiacheng Lu

California Premiere: A woman who is highly punctual in her daily life encounters a series of paranormal phenomenons related to her partner, which ultimately forces her to confront the love tragedy she had long denied.


Directed by Renetta G. Amador
Written by Michael Clifton
Cast: Noah Fernández Mejía, Paloma Palacios

A tomboy transforms the gender trappings of her childhood to show her cruel mother how sugar and spice don’t equal nice.

Sins of the Father

Directed by Clayton L. Luce
Written by Clayton L. Luce
Cast: Russell Sweeney, Chuck Wagner, Derek Sawyer, Michael W. Smith

A mafia short film about a dying relationship between father and son, and the sacrifices that must sometimes be made for family.

BLOCK E: 4:40pm Sunday Nov 26, 2023


Directed by Buz Wallick, Sean Mesler, Jonathan Louis Lewis, Blake Reigle
Written by Buz Wallick, Mary O'Neil, Sean Mesler
Cast: Mary O'Neil (Malum, Valley Heart, Psycho Storm Chaser), Rib Hillis (Psycho Storm Chaser), Clarke Wolfe (Malum, Psycho Storm Chaser), Christa Collins, Myles Cranford, Douglas Vermeeren, Tara Erickson

After waking up in an unfamiliar apartment complex, a woman desperately searches for her sister while being hunted by a shadowy figure. As she makes her way through the building, unspeakable horrors befall the tenants she interacts with.

BLOCK F: 6:30pm Sunday Nov 26, 2023

He Never Left

Directed by James Morris
Written by James Morris
Cast: Colin Cunningham (Stargate SG-1, Falling Skies, Preacher, Blood Drive), Jessica Staples, Charla Bocchicchio (The Chosen, Yellowstone, Check Inn to Christmas, Blood & Oil), David McMahon (The Inspectors, Teacher Shortage, Blind Cop 2), Sean Hunter (17 Miracles, 10/31: Part 2, The Witching Season, Unicorn City), James Morris (They Live Inside Us, Rite of the Shaman, 10/31 Part 3, Crom: The Legend of Halloween), Mary Ellen Wolfe (America's Got Tallent)

After hearing strange noises coming from an adjoining motel room, a federal fugitive and his girlfriend inadvertently become targets of the notorious "Pale Face" killer, whose legend has consumed and haunted the local community for decades.

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